Multimedia Installation Artist. Looking for a place to install myself.


I am a multimedia artist and freelance graphic designer with experience in branding, logo design, website creation and fine art. I can quickly take an idea from concept to creation. I aim to capture the feeling of a company and what they stand for through custom branding and attention to detail. I have created websites and logos for a variety of companies including a makeup artist, Etsy stores, a manufacturing company, an indie rock band, a cafe, a 3D printing company and a consulting firm. I am adept in using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as utilizing the Squarespace platform.

In my art practice I make work that is aesthetically pleasing and enhanced by the addition of history and references. I draw from a variety of cultural history like famous events, myths, and societal norms, to reference in my work. While the content, medium, and materials vary greatly, almost all of the work is subtly critical of the society it references. Often, I try to incorporate humorous and ironic titles that add a twist to the meaning of the content and poke fun at humanity.

I am currently living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. To purchase embroidery prints please visit my shop, Under the Sundries. For freelance work or commissions, you can contact me here or hire me through Upwork.  

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