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Capturing Happy is an attempt to capture a fleeting emotion. Each person was encapsulated by photography and then their story was told non-literally through painting and embroidery. To find out more about the project, click the banner above. For prices, please click Contact. 


Meet the Artists



Kelsey Ruggaard is a multimedia artist who makes work that is aesthetically pleasing but is enhanced by the addition of history and references. She draws from a variety of cultural history like famous events, myths, and societal norms, to reference in her work. While the content, medium, and materials vary greatly, almost all of the work is subtly critical of the society it references. Often, Kelsey incorporates humorous and ironic titles that add a twist to the meaning of the content and further poke fun at humanity.



Dave Waite is an oil painting student at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he also studies Environmental Design. Due to this, the majority of his work studies human interaction within a space. He aims to engage minute nuances of life that deserve attention, celebration, or critique. For Dave, the initial process of each piece is the most important part as it defines the full end result much like cooking with too hot of a pan or a wicked first kiss.



Jessica Williams is a portrait photographer living in Boulder, Colorado, who has been running a photography business since the age of eighteen. Jessica is inspired by emotional connection, and is passionate about capturing the unique, and sometimes unacknowledged, identities of a person. Her work is most often characterized by bright colors and rich natural settings. For Jessica, her photography is in part about capturing and remembering moments, but is on a larger scale about engaging with the many aspects of life’s beauty.